13 Elegant Indoor Lighting Ideas To Brighten Your Home

Kitchen Island with pendant lights

Are you ready to turn your home into heaven using elegant indoor lighting ideas?

No matter the room or its size, you can use the right lighting to help to enhance your mood while helping everyone see well (and see how wonderful your interior is!) You’ll also want the right types of light fixtures to match.

In this interior lighting article, you will discover 13 fashionable indoor lighting ideas from Blue Sky Electric.

Defining Elegant Lighting

How does one define elegant lighting?

Your home should be an extension of your personality and preferences. Stick to your preferences, whether you find more happiness in plain lighting fixtures or ones that are more lavish.

There are many indoor lighting ideas to choose between, including flared wall lights, bejeweled chandeliers, or utilitarian black floor lamps. Whichever type of lighting fits your style best becomes your brand of elegance.

Let’s take a look at the most popular lighting ideas for home interiors.

1. Sticking with Standard

Standard interior lighting

Standard lights work best for homeowners who value function over fashion. 

For example, you can install frosted dome lights with brass or silver accents. They make for great overhead lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and hallways. You can also use simple table lamps and floor lamps in your preferred colors to brighten the more dim corners of your home.

As far as color coordination for light fixtures and room colors, we recommend choosing designs and colors that either match each room’s color configuration or colors that complement any color well, like black, white, silver, or gold.

2. Statement Floor Lamps

Cast a little mid-century magic into your living room with a single oversized lamp. You can find these statement pieces in many styles.

The most recognizable statement lamp arches over the top of your furniture and casts diffused lighting throughout the room. Other popular styles include the tripod and multiple-arm lamp, with the latter offering several heads that cast light in different directions. You can even change the direction of the fixture heads with some styles!

3. Industrial Lighting

Industrial home lighting fixtures

Distressed paint, dark matte colors, and metal features make industrial lighting fashionably functional.

Interior designers sing the praises of industrial fixtures because they work as home decor and effectively brighten the home. Whether hanging from your ceiling or used as table lamps, industrial lighting offers timeless beauty with exposed light bulbs, strong bands of metal, or delicate wire cages.

4. Spin the Vintage

While oversized floor lamps also fall into this category, other popular vintage lamp styles include Tiffany lamps, mushroom lights, and ceramic pendant lights. 

Reaching into the past for inspiration allows you to mold a comfortable space with interest at every turn. Vintage lighting casts a soft, warm glow perfect for living areas and bedrooms.

5. Idealized Elegance with Chandeliers

Chandelier in home

Pick the vintage and antique styles to your heart’s content, but the chandelier still takes center stage. Choose your chandelier’s size, shape, and color, then install it as the centerpiece of your living room.

A chandelier showers you and your guests in gentle reflections from above as it hovers over the coffee table. Even when used in small cozy spaces, a chandelier invites conversation with its winking light.

You can also install it over your kitchen island!

6. Modern Antiques

Modernized antique lamps have all the charm of the past with the benefits of modern tech.

With lighting trends like the Edison bulb and industrial style on the scene, you can easily find lamps fashioned after historical styles with USB ports and smart technology. Look for a modernized version of an actual vintage lamp if the vintage one doesn’t quite meet your standards.

7. Architecture and Structured Lighting

Strip lighting hidden in recessed ceiling

Tiered ceilings, decorative crown moldings, and other unique architectural details benefit from creative indoor lighting ideas.

Install LED lights behind built-in features, or use flickering LED candles to add a cozy texture to your walls. Use your home as your greatest decoration, and you’ll always have the most exciting interior design.

8. Set the Stage with Recessed Lighting and Spotlights

You can easily achieve dramatic lighting with recessed lights and spotlights. 

Recessed lighting tucks light bulbs into specially-designed ceiling holes, erasing the need for hanging lamps while still providing bright coverage.

You can angle spotlights in specific directions to draw attention to particular areas of your room, highlighting artwork, collections, and other points of interest.

9. Functional Lighting as Home Decor

Some homes don’t invite a particular lighting style, so create reasons for intriguing lamps by combining useability with your taste.

Place a daringly large reading lamp near your coziest armchair, or buy lighting doubling as artwork so it won’t appear out of place. A wildly-designed floor lamp turns into a bright sculpture when occupying a space of its own.

10. To Match or Not to Match

Matching lamps may speak to your organized style, or you’re a fan of mixing colors and patterns.

Mix and match lamp styles and colors to create a beautiful, eclectic atmosphere. Or, if you prefer to be neat and orderly, choose matching lamps to complete your space.

Use any combination of these indoor lighting ideas to create a space you love and feel comfortable in.

11. Whimsical Chic Antique

Sconce with detailed bird statue

With gentle curves in the body and arms, chic antique brings a dreamy dignity to your home.

These lamps use dramatic lighting resulting in a soft glow. You’ll enjoy incorporating chic antique lighting into your home if you’re a fan of soft eggshell whites, pastel colors, or distressed detailing.

12. Electrify Your Style

Take a ride on the wild side and use decorative lighting as a primary light source. 

Place neon letters behind your bar, hang fairy lights along the corridor walls, or use icicle lights as relief from bright overhead lights. If you don’t want to stick with only one lighting shade, you can buy one of the many types of string lights. Some have a remote control to change the bulb colors.

13. Use Natural Light

Room with large windows for natural light

Save on energy costs during the day by taking advantage of natural sunlight. 

When night falls, mimic natural light with simple lighting in all the right places. For example, sconces on either side of your windows and doors can accompany a soft overhead light to provide similar results to your daytime windows.

Express Yourself Through These Indoor Lighting Ideas

Whether deciding on your entire home’s theme or only needing living room lighting ideas, these 13 elegant indoor lighting ideas can help you find your style.

Consult professional electricians to ensure your wiring can support your dreams safely and comfortably. Fill out our contact form today, and let’s talk about your home lighting and electrical needs.