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A Message From Owner, Justin: Why We Do What We Do

Entrusting the electrical wiring of your home to an electrical contractor is not a decision to be made lightly. Most homeowners don’t have the technical knowledge to understand what’s going on in their home, so we see a lot of handyman jobs that are potentially dangerous.

Our mission here at Blue Sky Electric is to provide you with safely-done electrical work, one that you can trust for your home.

We are licensed, bonded, insured, and highly trained to assess, diagnose, install, and repair all electrical equipment. At the end of the day, we take satisfaction of a job well-done that improves your quality of life.

Meet Nick: A Passion For Electricity And People

Electricity work is not easy. It involves physical science, lots of math, mechanical and technical skills, and a lot of attention to detail. So not everyone can be an electrician, and that’s what owner Justin Hopkins, and his partner, Nicholas Shiel, like about their trade.

They love the maths behind any project, where electrical blueprints are transformed into a finished installation that works well, is safe, and in compliance with all local codes.

But seeing how their skills bring light on their customer’s faces – both literally and figuratively – is the reason why they always strive to bring the best to every project.

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No electrical service is out of our reach and expertise. Browse some of our work below.

What Our Customers Say

Our favorite part about our job is seeing the look of amazement on our customer’s faces when the work is done. When we turn the lights on, their faces light up too. And that’s what fuels us.

Tim Strange


Justin and his team do a great job and are an excellent value. 

They are reliable and trustworthy. 

Chris McGahan


Justin and his people are great people! They show up when they are supposed to and do a great job!

I highly recommend these guys! He’s been doing my Electricial work since 2014. 

Tom Wertish


Justin and the team at Hopkins Electric are experienced professionals that will treat you well and do it right. Highly recommend! 

Trust Your Electrical Work To A Team Committed To Your Well-Being And Safety