Finding the Best Standby Generator for Your Entire Household

Standby generator installed next to house

If you need a generator powerful enough to run electricity through your whole home, you need a standby generator that you can trust. A typical portable generator won’t do the trick for a household of virtually any size, unlike while on a camping trip. Instead, you need something robust, durable, and capable of powering every essential appliance in your home—and much more. 

If your family experiences frequent power outages, consider purchasing a standby generator vs a portable generator. At Blue Sky Electric, we have years of experience installing backup generators, giving families something they can rely on permanently installed in their homes. 

Read on to learn more about what a standby generator could mean for your family.

Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

One of a standby generator’s most significant attributes is its automatic startup. Your device has a line running straight to the electrical system, allowing it to take over when your home’s power shuts down. 

Security becomes a significant concern in houses relying on electronic security systems when the power fails. Likewise, in the dead of winter or on the hottest summer day, the last thing you want is to lose HVAC services, especially for days at a time. We’re confident you’ll love having a standby generator if you’ve dealt with these problems before. 

We carry all the latest brands and models at Blue Sky Electric, allowing us to help you tailor your selection toward how your home will utilize it.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Home Standby Generator

Natural gas generator at a home

Perhaps most importantly, take your time with this decision. Like your home itself, you invest when purchasing a standby generator, and you want something that will fully accommodate your home and last for years. 

Some initial things to consider include: 

  • Your home’s power needs
  • What size generator you can accommodate
  • Generator power output
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Fuel source, efficiency, and sustainability
  • Additional features

Generator Power and Size Concerns

Check central, large appliances in your home for wattage readings. Ensure to cover the basics: the furnace, stove, fridge, and freezer. 

Add this number together for a rough total of wattage. Or better yet, with a free quote from Blue Sky Electric, we can take the estimate for you! 

Regardless of how you go about it, you’ll likely estimate around 4,500 – 8,000 watts, depending on your home’s size. We strongly recommend purchasing a standby generator above your total wattage for best performance and lifespan. 

While physical space does come into play when considering where to install the standby generator, the “size” refers to the machine’s electrical output. We sell generators of all sizes—anywhere from 7,500 watts to 50,000 watts. 

Your unit’s starting watts level indicates the initial electrical output as your standby generator starts up. Always refer to the running watts rating when determining how to accommodate your other appliances, as this rating gives a reliable measurement of the generator’s capabilities during average use.

Transfer Switch

Generator transfer switch

These features commonly come with standby generators to connect to the home’s primary electrical panel. This switch allows you to transfer to the generator whenever you please. 

In many modern options, you’ll see automatic transfer switches (ATS), which measure the incoming power to the house, automatically swapping when it detects power loss. In the speediest units, this can happen in just 30 seconds to one minute, essentially keeping your home with electricity at all times. 

With an ATS, your home can switch to backup power even when you aren’t home, an excellent feature for any home relying on security cameras or other systems. Like many household appliances, you can even communicate with your standby generator through WiFi, allowing you to adjust settings on a whim or get available updates.

Fuel Source

Luckily with standby generators, you get a lot of options for fuel sources, allowing you to easily pick an option that works with your home’s current power sources.

Natural Gas (NG)

Natural gas ranks as one of the most popular options for homeowners looking for a standby generator. Because of the semipermanent installation of your generator, you have the option to connect it directly to an NG line, removing the need to refill the fuel. 

That said, natural gas ranks as the worst in terms of efficiency. It makes up for this with clean exhaust output compared to other options like diesel.

There’s plenty to learn about natural gas generators.

Liquid Propane (LP)

This fuel source tops our list as the most popular among our customers. LP burns cleanly and gets you a better bang for your buck than NG, and you can even connect LP standby generators to your home’s primary tank.


This highly efficient fuel source yields more power per gallon than either LP or NG. While we carry them, these generators run more scarcely, partially because of their harmful emissions, which can become a bigger problem in residential neighborhoods.


Some new standby generators offer this feature, allowing your unit to use either LP or NG. This versatile choice works wonders for families who haven’t decided on their best fuel option yet.

Additional Features

An installed natural gas generator

We covered one of the most popular features earlier with the automatic start feature. Likewise, you can get a remote start, system status lights, and corrosion-resistant enclosures.

Remote Start

Whether you push a button, switch, or control on your phone, you can start the generator without being near it or the transfer switch.

System Status Lights

These alert you to maintenance, so you don’t have to be a standby generator expert to know when you should call us for a tune-up or annual maintenance routine.

Corrosion-Resistant Enclosures

Made from aluminum or composite materials, these enclosures prevent rust, corrosion, rain, sleet, humidity, and salt damage, safely keeping your device nestled inside.

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