Inspecting a home electrical panel

Electrical Inspections In Oklahoma City

Ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system is crucial, and regular inspections play a vital role.

By having an expert look for these and other electrical issues promptly, you can prevent:

  • Harm to your home and appliances
  • Expensive repairs and replacements
  • Devastating electrical fires
  • Legal troubles stemming from code violations
  • Compromised safety for your family

Don’t underestimate the importance of regular electrical inspections, as they protect your 
Oklahoma City home, loved ones, and finances from potential hazards.

Electrical Wiring Repair In Oklahoma City

The heart of your Oklahoma City home’s electrical network lies in its wiring, and any damage or obsolescence can result in various issues, including:

  • Frequent electrical hiccups
  • Potential electrical blazes
  • Diminished energy effectiveness
  • Repeated power disruptions or circuit breaker activations
  • Harm to devices and electronic equipment
  • Elevated electrocution hazards
  • Increased utility expenses from inefficiencies

Consistent upkeep and restoration of your electrical wiring are crucial to maintaining a secure, operational, and efficient home, safeguarding the welfare of your loved ones and your valuable property.

Home wiring repair
Electrician is using a digital meter to measure the voltage at the power outlet in on the wall

Outlet And Switch Repair In Oklahoma City

Malfunctioning outlets and switches are not only bothersome but also pose a considerable threat to your household and loved ones. As time passes, these electrical elements may deteriorate or suffer damage, raising the likelihood of:

  • Electrical fires
  • Property destruction from electrical spikes
  • Regular circuit breaker activations
  • Increased energy costs due to suboptimal electrical setups
  • Harm to costly gadgets and appliances

Tackling these concerns swiftly is vital for upholding a secure and optimally operating electrical network within your Oklahoma City residence.

Flickering Light Repair In Oklahoma City

Dimming lights may be a slight irritation, but they can indicate hidden electrical issues with grave repercussions.

These problems can vary from unsecured connections and overburdened circuits to defective wiring, all of which may develop into perilous circumstances such as:

  • Additional harm to your electrical framework
  • Expensive repairs and substitutions
  • Treacherous electrical blazes
  • Heightened energy use, resulting in increased utility expenses
  • Endangered well-being of your residence and family members

Addressing this matter promptly is essential to preserving a secure and effective household ambiance.

Repairing a flickering light in a home

DIY Dangers

At Blue Sky Electric, we understand the temptation to tackle electrical repairs yourself. We cannot stress enough how dangerous it can be to attempt outlet or switch repairs on your own. Even a small mistake can lead to electrocution, fire hazards, or long-term damage to your electrical system. 

Why Choose Blue Sky Electric?

Blue Sky Electric is the best choice for general electrical services because we prioritize safety, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. Our licensed electricians have extensive experience and use top-quality tools and materials to ensure the job is done right the first time.

General home Electric FAQs In Oklahoma City

Find answers to the common questions homeowners in Oklahoma City ask our electrical team:

How We Do It

Whether you need general electrical services following a home remodel or due to recent malfunctioning, we’re licensed and certified to take care of it for you. As we perform these services, we keep you informed every step of the way, so you are never left in the dark. Here’s how we do it:

phone graphic

Step 1. The Call

Get in touch with us and tell us what you need. We’ll talk about the details of the job and find the best time to send our team on-site.

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Step 2. The Installation

Once we’ve identified what needs to be done, we get to work. As we make work, we’ll make sure to explain every step so you understand what we do.

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Step 3. The Final Result

Once your electrical needs are met, we’ll do a final inspection and tell you everything you need to know. You can relax knowing that your home is safe.

What Our Customers Say

Our favorite part about our job is seeing the look of amazement on our customer’s faces when the work is done. When we turn the lights on, their faces light up too. And that’s what fuels us.

M J​


Prompt and Personal

We needed work on a buried electrical line and outlet in the backyard that the previous owner installed. The post supporting the outlet had rusted and fallen over.

Justin came out for the estimate and listened to our concerns about the location of the outlet. He made some suggestions on how to keep the line and protect the outlet from weather by moving it up against a shed.

He gave us a very competitive estimate. A few days later, they moved the outlet and also ran a line inside my shed. The portion of the lawn that was dug up was put back in place; like it was never pulled up. I definitely will go with Hopkins for my next electrical work.

Delphine Hensley​


Great working with Justin and his crew.

They took care of all my needs including updating all the plugs to GFI to current standards. He added a grounding rod also to bring my folks house up to new standards.

His crew was professional, worked hard and cleaned up.

I have used them several times and have been pleased with the work and BLESSED that he runs an honest, dependable company.

Carol Galloway


We have been so pleased with all the work Hopkins Electric has done at our home.

They have wired our outside shed, installed a light fixture on our patio and installed a transfer switch for our generator.

All of the jobs have been well done and the technicians were knowledgeable and polite. They are very dependable and reasonably priced.

Hopkins Electric will be our choice for every job.

Keep Your Home Bright And Running Smoothly